Guadeloupe Guidebook

Are you interested in learning more about Guadeloupe and becoming well-prepared for your best vacation in the French West Indies? You have come to the right place.

For $15, you can download the world’s only up-to-date English-language guidebook about Guadeloupe. You’ll find the 67-page electronic Quick Gwada Guide here:

In case you didn’t have time to do the math – that’s just 22 cents per page! I can guarantee you that my e-book offers way more value than that. You will save tons of time and money with all the advice that is shared in this dear creation of mine that I worked on for several months, and still continuously update.

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Here are some things other buyers have said about this e-book:

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for publishing your guidebook! It was SO helpful on our trip to Guadeloupe last November! We had an amazing time.”

“I finished your book. It is absolutely excellent. This had to be a LOT of work for you, and I congratulate you on the result!” (Writer’s note: Yes, it was more work than I ever thought!)

“It is really, really good and I think it will be super helpful for first-time visitors! It would be really nice if Norwegian would put your guide in the seatbacks on all flights to Gwada!”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and friendliness. It contributed to a wonderful maiden journey to Guadeloupe!”

“Mirva, thanks so much for the guide. You are like the Rick Steves of Guadeloupe. If you publish your guide on Amazon or anywhere else, I’d be glad to give you a positive review.

“Thank you so much! We got a lot of use out of your book.”

“Very helpful book. Your book is full of information and suggestions that any first time traveler to Guadeloupe is sure to appreciate especially since there is so little up or date info in English that is available elsewhere.”

“We just got back from our holiday to Guadeloupe. We had the best time, Guadeloupe is really beautiful, and there are so many wonderful things to do. Of course, we travelled with your e-book. We had it printed so we could take it with us everywhere. I think we did most of your top 30+ list of things to do. Can’t tell which we liked best. Again, we were very happy with your guidebook, so thank you very much.”

“Thank you, Mirva. I have downloaded the Gwada guide. Just gave it a quick look and it is fabulous! It will make our trip next month much more enjoyable.”  

“Good morning – Thanks again for your very detailed advice and for your ebook. We are already planning a return visit.”

“I briefly looked at your guide…just what the Dr. ordered!”

“Thanks to your book we are going to try for some day trips to the various places on the other side of the island. I remember something about sea turtles in Malendure. I want to go to one of the small ilets, that sounds really fun. And the waterfall, and the hot spring, and the volcano. Thanks for everything. Your work on the book really made my life easier. I’m very appreciative.” 

I even have a Finnish-language comment to include:

“Hei Mirva, ja suuret kiitokset mahtavasta tietopaketista Gwadasta! Tuo e-kirja avasi saaret aivan uudella tavalla! Poikakaverini pelko siitä, että siellä saattaa aika käydä pitkäksi,haihtui saman tien. :)”

(Translation: Hi Mirva, and many thanks for the awesome information package about Gwada! This e-book opened my eyes in a brand-new way. My boyfriend immediately got rid of his fear that we might get bored there. :)”